Flat Belly Overnight – Does It Really Work?

Flat Belly Overnight is a latest fitness program which aims at reducing the abdominal fat in a short span of time. This program is developed by Andrew Raposo who happens to be a fitness guru.  Andrew Raposo claims that his program is capable of transforming a rounded belly into a tighter and firmer one, if the participants follow the program religiously.

This program consists of two diet and detox-related eBooks, a template, and a video which contains complete guide of home-based fitness training. The eBooks are written by expert nutritionists (some from Advocare) who’ve devised a complete diet plan for the participants of this program which immensely helps in shedding of abdominal fat within a period of one week. The food items mentioned in the eBooks have low caloric value and are higher in dietary fiber which helps in building the abdominal muscles.

The nutritionists also provide appropriate substitutes for high-calorie and high-lipid foods so that a person doesn’t suffer from any kind of nutritional deficiency while getting their bellies in shape (Read the full flat belly overnight review here)

The second eBook contains a highly beneficial detox formula which lists significant spices and herbs that detoxify the body of harmful metabolites and help in decreasing the belly fat. The recipes mentioned in the detox formula also contain natural antioxidants like omega 3, which fight against the reactive oxidation species and save the body from oxidative stress. The overall body detoxification strengthens the fat-shedding phenomena as a purified body reacts better to abdominal-flattening exercises.

The last part of this program is a 3-minute video which contains extraordinary belly-flattening workouts. These workouts can be easily performed at home without the need of hitting the gym. Also, there’s no age-restriction on these exercises as they’re not high-strain or high-impact exercises which are not suitable for the elderly.

The movements of these workouts tighten the muscles of the stomach’s midsection, and burn the belly fat by enhancing the metabolic rate of an individual. It must be remembered that obese people with immense amount of belly fat either consume a high-fat diet without indulging in appropriate fat-burning physical activities or they have an extremely slow metabolic rate [1].

Many obese individuals aren’t able to reduce their weight even after a tight control over their diet because their body’s natural metabolism is not effective or fast enough to burn the existing calories and fat deposits. Hence, these exercises are especially designed to target a person’s metabolic rate which guarantees a massive decrease in the belly fat.

Andrew claims that if this program is followed on a regular basis, it’ll not only result in a flattened belly, but also improve the overall health of an individual with significant weight loss. He emphasizes on the importance of continuation of the dietary program mentioned in his eBooks. This is because if a person resumes the bad dietary habits and starts consumption of high-lipid food items, the bad cholesterol will start getting accumulated in the body again which will kill the purpose of the whole program.

We can safely conclude that Flat Belly Overnight doesn’t possess any harmful side effects as it consists of low-impact exercises and beneficial food items. Hence, if you’re looking to get rid of your well-rounded belly and overall fat deposits in the body, Flat Belly Overnight is worth a try.

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