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About Us

Since 1985, Coyote Glass Design has been transforming glass into highly distinctive functional art. Originating in Arizona, Coyote Glass moved to Salado, Texas in 2002.

Founder, Melissa Paxton has been a glass artist for over 35 years creating a wide range of glass works. She has built a reputation for stunning artistry and refined style among designers, architects and clients. Melissa’s husband, Joe Price, has experience as a construction project manager for restaurants, pharmacies and many other developments. Together they create stunning glass works for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.


Glass Products

We are passionate about glass and take great pride in manufacturing high quality glass art while providing remarkable customer service. Each glass piece is handcrafted using techniques that include sand-carving, painting, laminating and metal inlay. Glass is cast or fused into any shape or texture by bending and slumping glass into molds.  Transparent, opaque and metallic colors add brilliance and a decorative edge to each piece.

Customize any of our products to compliment your décor. From color matching to special designs or dimensions we create the look you are searching for. Our capabilities are limitless as we produce everything from glass countertops, kitchen backsplashes, integral countertops, tabletops, frosted and etched glass panels, carved and painted glass panels, glass partitions, shower doors, wall accents, glass tiles, lighted mirrors, glass doors, signage and much more.








Product Reviews

Inn on the Creek Bed and Breakfast, Salado, TX

“Our company has hired Coyote Glass Design for multiple high-end projects where their unique artistry & creativity have produced amazing results. When you are seeking a truly professional group to enhance your property with extremely high quality and durable glass structures and accents know that their products and services are of the highest caliber. You will be amazed by their application of the creative process throughout your experience with them.”  —– Will Lowery


“A great company to work with. Imaginative and so open to new designs and styles. Worked with them since 2002 and they have never failed to deliver. Their company is professional and detail in all their processes. We have created many new designs together and expect to create many more.”       —– Caron Robinson 


“Several pieces of custom art have been ordered have been ordered from Coyote Glass through the years for gifting purposes. The level of creativity & artistry is unmatched, as is the care given to satisfying the request. Appropriate & thoughtful shipping has always been seen. I am 100% happy with all the results.”  —- Linda Keeler 

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