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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you make custom countertops and mirrors?  

Yes!  We create your countertop and/or mirror according to your size, design and color specifications.

What are the color variations shown with the vessel sinks? 

Each style of sinks is painted with a specific color scheme.  However, the back of the sink is finished with either Copper, Gold or Silver metal leaf.  This backing changes the hue of the sink, and should be considered when selecting to match your own décor.  All styles are also available in clear. 

Will the sinks look exactly the same as in the picture? 

No, each sink is a work of art, and individual colors within the painted motifs will vary. 

What types of edges are available on the sinks and countertops? 

The standard edge configuration is smooth pencil-polish.  If a customer wants the barked/frosted or eroded edge, they must specify with their order.  There is an additional charge for the barked and eroded edges. 

What is the difference between a ‘barked’ and ‘eroded’ edge? 

The barked edge is a rough textured edge which has been sandblasted.  The eroded edge is actually chipped and then sandblasted, and has a much deeper indentation.  There is an additional charge for these edges. 

Can you do custom colors? 

Yes, each item is handmade, and we will work with you on the color scheme.  Although we cannot guarantee an exact match, we will ensure that your art piece will blend with your color samples.  There will be an additional charge for custom color. 

How is your product packaged? 

We have special packaging for the vessel sinks so that they arrive safely.  Instruction details, care and maintenance instructions and materials used for installation are included in each box.  The countertops and mirrors are typically packaged in wooden crates for their safety. 

What is your lead time? 

Vessel sinks are approximately 3-4 weeks after we receive your purchase order.  Countertops and Mirrors vary according to complexity, but typically take approximately 4-6 weeks. 

How do I order your product? 

We are represented by Dealers throughout the United States.  Please reference our Showroom Locations page for the dealer nearest to you.  If there are no dealers near you, please call us at 254-947-0002, and we will assist you with your purchase. 

How are your products shipped?

Orders are shipped F.O.B. Salado, Texas. Freight charges will be added to the invoice or shipped Freight collect. Our standard shipping method is UPS or Yellow Freight. All shipping quotes are based on UPS Ground or Ground Freight Service – any requests for expedited shipping will require receipt of a signed customer approval of shipping quote before we will release item for shipment.

Upon receipt of the goods it is your responsibility to inspect the shipping crate(s) or carton(s) and their contents for any damages. If there have been damages you must make note on the bill of lading. Original packing material must be saved for inspection by the carrier. Photos of damage will help ensure that your freight claim is paid. We are not responsible for any damages done to products after they leave our dock.

How do I clean my glass countertop and sink? 

Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Ajax, Comet or Soft Scrub (either inside or outside).  A good glass cleaner, such as CRL Sprayaway Glass Cleaner is recommended for general cleaning.  For water spots, lightly rub with 0000 Steel Wool (very fine), and water or glass cleaner.  Then dry with a soft towel.  0000 steel wool is available at any hardware store.  One small package will last for many months.  A protective coating such as Rain-X may be applied to help keep the inside of the bowl clean and free of spots.  

How do temperature extremes affect the glass? 

Thermal stress occurs when the glass is heated or cooled, either too suddenly or to extreme temperatures.  Do not pour water into the bowl that is too hot to touch.  Moderate the water temperature, and do not use an instantaneous water heater with your glass sink.  

How long will my glass countertop or sink last? 

Your product is a functional work of art, and made to last.  It is not, however, indestructible.  We recommend a few simple precautions to keep your glass in good condition.  Prevent contact with hard, sharp, or abrasive objects, both inside and outside the bowl, and avoid putting excessive pressure on the rim of the bowl.  Follow the Care and Maintenance instructions and enjoy your Coyote Glass art for many years to come!


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